Safety & Risk Assessments Outdoors

Outdoor learning and play has additional risks accompanying it by nature. Our approach to risk management is:


  • We follow a high adult to child ratio while off site with the children, this is usually one adult to four children aged three and four years and above and one adult to two children aged two years. 

  • We have a system for travelling to and from local destinations to ensure safety at all times. This involves the use of a long rope, with knots tied into it for the children to hold. They use this when navigating alongside roadways and walk in single file. The group is led by an adult and followed by another. Additional adults walk alongside the group, next to the road and closest to children wearing red (the youngest in our group). 

  • A member of our management team attends all locations before a visit is made with the children; this is to assess and manage risks. Dynamic risk assessment is used through offsite experiences, allowing for changes in the environment e.g weather etc in practice, this means we are constantly evaluating and safeguarding against the potential risks as they are presented to us.

  • When it comes to children learning in the natural environment, we will assess each situation with the approach that if the benefit to the child outweighs the risk taken, we will allow them to do it. This builds resilience and autonomy for the child, powerful and important life skills. 

  • Our staff are knowledgeable about the natural environment, ensuring they can manage and assess risk in a range of outdoor areas.