A quality learning experience for children requires a quality workforce. A well-qualified, skilled staff strongly  increases the potential of any individual setting to deliver the best possible outcomes for children. (EYFS, 2021)


In Denmark, where Early Years education has been permeated by a nation-wide 'open-air' culture (this is known as friluftsliv if you'd like to know more) educators are referred to as 'Pedagogues'. This results from the implementation of their outdoor focused, child-led pedagogy in and through play. 


At Kindergarten, we work hard to create a 'home from home' atmosphere, for both the children and the practitioners. Spending 40 hours per week in each others company can mean that as adults, we often have spent more time together over the working week than we have in our own homes!

Early Years Educators at the Kindergarten are dedicated, passionate practitioners with evidenced previous experience and transferable skills that are appropriate for the role and our ethos. 

Three quarters of our team are graduates, two with Early Years degrees, and one with a child psychology degree (Graded- first!) This ensures our team are able to truly understand the children's learning, extend this and their opportunities to the highest quality and aim for the greatest input for the children at all times. 

Come and see them for yourselves in action, they are truly fabulous. 


Kristie Chesters

Director & Co-Manager

BA Education & Early Years 

Forest School Leader Level 3

Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL)

Kristie is passionate about children being able to access learning in an environment that is both nurturing and surrounded by nature. She has loved the outdoors from an early age and wants to ignite that spark in our youngest generation. She is a mother to young children of her own and has ten years work experience in the industry, within a range of primary school, early years settings and special needs support roles. 

Kristie is studying for her MA Outdoor Education which she commenced in September 2020. 

Louise Stubbs

Co-Manager (with EYTS)

Bsc Child Psychology


Admin / Funding Officer. 

Louise is an energetic, vibrant addition to our team. She enjoys travel, mountaineering and rock climbing in her spare time, and has just completed her BSc in Child Psychology. Louise also works with young people in Hertfordshire alongside her studies and her role at the Kindergarten. Louise supports our Kristie with many of our administrative duties, to include social media management, marketing and advertisement, funding, and other associated tasks

She enjoys playful, meaningful interactions with children in their Early Years, and her happy, relaxed attitude is welcome within our approach.

Louise achieved her Early Years Teacher Status in July 2021, through the PGCE Early Years Initial Teacher Training programme. She is now studying for her MA in Outdoor Education.

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Deputy Manager 

Key Person

BA Early Childhood Studies. 

Lauren joined the Faraway Tree team in 2020. She has gained her degree in Early Childhood studies and has previously worked at a preschool, alongside her placements at both nurseries and primary schools during her studies. She has recently taken on the role of Deputy Manager at the Kindergarten.

Lauren is very creative and enjoys sketching in her spare time. Lauren has outstanding knowledge of the EYFS, and is excellent at identifying and moving on the children's learning 'in the moment'. She has recently completed CPD in Gymnastics and Yoga in Early Years, and is enjoying implementing this in her practice with the children.

Deanne (Dee-Dee) 

NVQ Level 3 

Early Years Educator

Key Person

Dee joined our team in 2019 and has a deep love for bringing the EYFS outdoors at the Kindergarten. She is parent to two young adults, one of whom is now at University. 

Dee is very kind and nurturing. She has particularly strong relationships with the two year olds in our setting. She has a keen interest in permaculture, and enjoys getting the children involved in planting, caring for and harvesting a variety of plants and foods on our allotment.

Dee is qualified to level 3, and is enthusiastic about outdoor learning and forest school. She has recently completed CPD training on Outdoor Provision for children in the EYFS. Dee has previous experience as an Early Years Manager. 

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Olivia is a vibrant and creative practitioner, who enjoys using her musical abilities to connect the children with their environment and learning.

Olivia has previously supported sessions at a nearby children's centre, and is passionate about the impact of music education on children in their Early Years. We're looking forward to the creative opportunities her inspirational outlook can offer to the children. 


BA European Theatre Arts


We are very pleased to welcome Esme to our team! 

Esme has previously worked in a Montessori setting in Italy, where she led Montessori activities for children in their early years, as well as KS1. 

Esme enjoys nature walks in her spare time, and is passionate about broadening her knowledge of our local environment.